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Welcome to the homepage of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein.

LIFE started as an initiative with a focus on market based climate protection measures. In 2009, the initiative was converted into a non-profit foundation according to Liechtenstein law under the name LIFE Climate Foundation. The Foundation promotes a sustainable and credible advancement of climate and environmental protection through an effective inclusion of financial intermediaries and the general public.
ITU Telecom World 2014 - Young Innovators Competition

ITU, the leading United Nations agency for information and communication technologies (ICTs), in partnership with the World Health Organization (WHO) is looking for innovative ideas on how ICTs can help smart cities to slow down or mitigate the effects of climate change and thereby improve people’s health. Are you an entrepreneur under the age of 30 and interested in winning up to USD 5 000 in funding, plus mentorship, networking, and high-level exposure before an influential global audience of decision-makers? Apply now until Tuesday, October 7 2014 at:  

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein supported Green Summit 2014
More than 200 representatives from Liechtenstein's industrial, financial and public sector participated during the Green Summit 2014 at the University of Liechtenstein. Various sustainable products and services were introduced from around 20 small and medium sized enterprises from Liechtenstein, Switzerland, Austria and Germany.


Successful LIFE Workshop on 3D Printing

Successful LIFE Workshop on 3D Printing
On May 5th experts from industry and science discussed experiences and lessons-learnt within the area of 3D printing. The event which took place at the University of Liechtenstein showed the great potential as well as the respective limits of future industry productions provided by 3D printing.


Photo Competition - Jury decides on title cover for Liechtenstein's 6th UN Climate Report

Photo Competition - Jury decides on title cover for Liechtenstein's 6th UN Climate Report
In order to find an appropriate title cover for Liechtenstein's 6th UN Climate Report the Government and LIFE Climate Foundation organized a photo competition in November 2013. A jury comprised of representatives from the Government and LIFE Climate foundation has awarded 15 pictures out of over 130 pictures including the title cover picture of abovementioned report. The managing office of LIFE Climate Foundation herby wishes to thank all participants for their participation in our competition. The winners of the competition will receive their prices on Tuesday January 28th 2014, 18.00, at the Winterzelt (Kunstmuseum), Vaduz by Environmental Minister Marlies Amann-Marxer.

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein: From Business - For Business

The LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein today published its fourth annual report, reviewing another year of success. At the end of 2010, the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein defined a sustainable, future-oriented and long-term, three-pillar strategy and began implementing it in 2011. The strategy focused on securing long-term financing for the foundation's work and on evaluating specific sustainability projects, activities that the foundation continued to pursue successfully during 2012. This served to secure the financing of the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein over the long term. The Liechtenstein Insurance Association (LVV) became another one of our sponsors, giving the Climate Foundation even broader support. The complete report (english version) is available in our section "download / pulications".


Prime Minister Adrian Hasler becomes new President of LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein

Prime Minister Adrian Hasler becomes new President of LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein
Vaduz – On Monday 23rd of September the Board of Liechtenstein’s LIFE Climate Foundation nominated unanimously H.E. Adrian Hasler, Prime Minister of the Principality of Liechtenstein as the foundations new President. With respect to the position of the Board’s Presidency Adrian Hasler is following former Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher, who resigned as Head of State and Board President of LIFE Climate Foundation in March 2013.   

Liechtenstein receives international Renewable Energy Award
SolarSuperState Association Zurich awarded several States for their achievements within the field of renewable energy implementation. In this year’s ceremony Liechtenstein was awarded the first price within the category “Photovoltaic” as being the country with the second largest cumulative and installed capacity per capita in the world.

LIFE at the 1st Renewable Energy Finance Dialogue Liechtenstein
This event takes place Thursday 13th June 2013 as part of the Erasmus Intensive Program “Risk Management in Multinational Small and Medium Enterprises – Effectually Mastering the Future of the Renewable Energy Sector”, held at University of Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein Congress 2013 at the University of Liechtenstein
The Sustainable Planning Summit is part of the successful Liechtenstein Congress series, which has been held at the University of Liechtenstein since 2008. This event with the very best experts from the region and around the world takes place from 6th to 7th June 2013 and is dedicated to sustainable architecture and planning, property and infrastructure development.

For the first time Liechtenstein's CO2 emissions are below levels of 1990
Since the start of the Kyoto period in 2008 Liechtenstein‘s green house gas emissions decreased continuously. Compared to the previous year, 12‘000 tons less CO2 were emitted as in 2011 the total emissions were 222‘000 tons CO2. For the first time the total emissions dropped below the level of 1990’s 230'000 tons CO2. Despite this positive trend further efforts are required to reach the target value and to cut the green house gas emissions on the long run.

Brazil’s Clima Nativo and LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein have decided to join forces in the reforestation of cleared, derelict forest land in Brazil. The two non-profit organisations have signed a cooperation agreement in which they pledge to launch specific, local reforestation projects in Brazil. The projects will be financed in Liechtenstein, an established hub for sustainable investments. press release

Three SMEs from Liechtenstein receive 150’000 CHF for their efficiency and innovative projects
The decision by Liechtenstein-based Banks LGT, Liechtensteinische Landesbank and VP Bank to effectively reinvest their net gains from re-distributed CO2 levies (rebates) into suitable climate protection projects within the framework of the activities of the Swiss Climate Foundation has led to first results. In its session from November 2nd2012 the board of Swiss Climate Foundation decided to provide a total of 1,25 Million Swiss Francs to 21 Projects in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Three small and medium sized enterprises (SME) from Liechtenstein received a total amount of 150’000 Swiss Francs.  

Liechtenstein banks support innovative and economical SMEs
In mid-May 2012, the Swiss Climate Foundation and the LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein therefore decided to engage in cross-border cooperation. This cooperation laid the cornerstone for Liechtenstein service enterprises to become members of the Swiss Climate Foundation as well. The three largest Liechtenstein banks – LGT Bank in Liechtenstein AG, the Liechtensteinische Landesbank AG and the Verwaltungs- und Privat-Bank AG – have decided to join the Swiss Climate Foundation and to donate their rebates from the CO2 incentive tax. LIFE Climate Foundation will host an evening event at the University of Liechtenstein on 18 September 2012 to provide first-hand information on the cooperation, support options and opportunities for Liechtenstein SMEs (Program).  

1st Impact Forum Liechtenstein – Sustainable Investing
On Monday 24th of Septmeber 2012 Rheintal and Forumspartner Foundation will organize the “1st Impact Forum Liechtenstein” at the Kultur- und Veranstaltungszentrum Schaan. The 1st Impact Forum is dedicated to the topic of „Sustainable Investing“ and AIFM, the Alternative Fund Managers (EU) Directive. The entrance is free of charge.   

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein support 1st European Biomimicry Innovation and Finance Summit
Together with the Foundation For Global Sustainability and swisscleantech, the business association for sustainable and liberal market economy, LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein is bringing the leading figures in the field of biomimicry to the first European Biomimicry Finance and Innovation Summit.

Banks with socially or ecologically sustainable investment policies are booming. How big is the potential for social banking in Germany? Which customers are interested in a “social return” on their investments to a similar extent as in interest? Those and other questions are explored in the first comprehensive study on social banking in the German market that was initiated by zeb/. More information can be found here.

Liechtenstein Government releases Energy Strategy 2020
The Government plans to reach a 20% increase of homemade renewable energy production, a 20% increase of energy efficiency as well as a 20% reduction of greenhouse gas emission compared to 1990 until the year 2020. In order to achieve these goals, the Governement released the new Energy Strategy 2020.


LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein:Incubator for sustainability & an ambassador for Liechtenstein

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein:Incubator for sustainability & an ambassador for Liechtenstein
The LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein is again able to look back on a very successful year – the third since its establishment. The common‐benefit foundation has meanwhile become one of the regular participants at the Climate Conference and is thus an ambassador for the country of Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing
Awaken by environmental, financial, and political challenges the global economy is transforming fast, from short-term thinking and a systemic reliance on non-renewable resources, to building an innovative and prosperous future, manifested in sustainable assets and healthy communities. Since 2008, the Liechtenstein Congress provides an international platform for practical research and informed practice in Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing, guided by effective policy and enlightened by a deep sense of responsibility. The event is hosted by the University of Liechtenstein and supported by numerous sponsors and network partners, including LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein.

UN Climate Conference in Durban: New Market Mechanisms - Light at the end of the tunnel?
On the eve of the post 2012 period the future role of NAMAs for climate policy remains uncertain. At the UN Climate Conference in Durban International experts from Germany, Ghana, India, Liechtenstein and Switzerland will share their views and provide their experiences from the ground in order to identify key success factors and main barriers. Jointly organized by University of New South Wales and ClimateNet e.V. (December 1st. 2012).

The way towards climate neutral alps
The goal of the Alpine Space Project “ALPSTAR, Toward Carbon Neutral Alps – Make Best Practice Minimum Standard”, is to achieve climate neutrality in the Alps by 2050. At the initial conference on 27th and 28th October 2011 in Chambéry participants will discuss the policy requirements on energy, transport and the economy in order to reach climate neutrality in the Alps. Concepts for good climate governance and effective means of communication to engage the population are to be presented. LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein co-organizes a workshop at the initial conference.


„An excellent opportunity“ – Liechtenstein Investment Market (LIM), 6. – 9. November 2011

„An excellent opportunity“ – Liechtenstein Investment Market (LIM), 6. – 9. November 2011
 Business start-ups often struggle to acquire necessary capital to get their business started. Due to these difficulties in terms of financing start-ups these circumstances often lead to situations where promising business models fail to get operational. The Liechtenstein Investment Market, which is organized by University of Liechtenstein’s KMU-Centre, aims at preventing such situations by bringing together project developers and investors at both – early and later stages. For further information as well as registration access please visit

CSSP launches global online portal for sustainable investments

The market for sustainable investments is growing increasingly rapidly – finding one's way is becoming an ever greater challenge. A specialised online platform provides orientation help. The platform has been developed by Liechtenstein-based Center for Social and Sustainable Products.



Positive Carbon Footprint at 2011 Festival „MorgenLand“

Positive Carbon Footprint at 2011 Festival „MorgenLand“
From may 18th to may 22nd around 4000 people have attended this year’s “MorgenLand” festival. One of the festival’s goals was to organize it as far as possible in a carbon neutral way. With respect to this goal Liechtenstein based energy consultant Lenum AG calculated the total energy consumption of the 5 day event and identified a carbon footprint of 46 tonnes. Carbon footprints of comparable events are usually 50% higher. The remainig 45 tonnes were compensated via, the winner of the this year's MorgenLand’s exhibition award.

Back to the Stone Ages - Materials made of stone to substitute steel and aluminium
The company Technocarbon has found a way to change the characteristics of stone to that extend that a substitution of materials like steel, aluminium and ferro-concrete becomes possible. Kolja Kuse, CEO of Technocarbon, has transferred the patent rights into a Liechtenstein foundation, the foundation “Global Centre for Efficiency of Ressources and Materials. One of the first applications of this innovative product are the core of ski, produced by Swiss based ski company ZAI in Disentis (Graubuenden) and a house wall which was developed in cooperation with the Universityof Applied Sciencein Chur, Switzerland.

LIFE Side Event at UNFCCC Conference in Bonn 2011
At last years Climate Conference in Cancun in 2010 parties decided to present until end of 2011 proposals for the introduction of new market mechanisms with the aim to get these mechanisms implemented into a new climate treaty. To this respect LIFE Climate Foundation organized a side event on June 15th 2011 during the two week lasting UN Climate Conferece in Bonn. Topic of the event was " New market mechanisms - key design elements from an investor's perspective". 

VISION LIECHTENSTEIN - Renewable Energy - Opportunities for People - State - Economy
Renewables are not only good for our climate - they also offer huge opportunities for an environmental friendly added value. Three experts from Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Germany will present ideas and concepts for a sustainable development of our region and economy.
Tuesday, 31st of May 2011, 18.00 - 20.30h

MorgenLand Fesitval 18. - 22. May 2011

TAK Theater Liechtenstein and Club Benefactum have established the nonprofit Organisation MorgenLand, which organises the so called MorgenLand Festival (Lindaplatz, Schaan).

MorganLand Festival offers an inspiring framework for an in-depth exchange of ideas and opinions throughout all generations.
The festival and conference with internationally renowned personalities, a whole set of presentations and workshops, an exhibition fair for sustainable projects and products from the region as well as a comprehensive cultural program (including concerts) shall encourage everyone to face our future’s major questions with creativity and joy.
So, hope to see you in MorgenLand..........

Team of the Zurich Carbon Market Association
Team of the Zurich Carbon Market Association
Stolen emission allowances, VAT fraud and recycled emission credits have recently harmed the credibility of emissons trading. Experienced market participants will discuss these and further aspects of emissions trading at a round table discussion on 12. May, ETH Zurich; LIFE Climate Foundation will also be represented. The event is organized by the Zurich Carbbon Market Association, a non-political organisation interested in the evolution of sustainability focused and high-quality  carbon markets.

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein – A credible player within the sector of sustainability
LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtensteinlooks back on its second successful year of business operation. Several events as well as the participation at last years climate change conference in Cancunhave proof underlined the foundation’s non-profit aims. In 2010 the foundation’s activities focussed on the topics “market-based climate protection” and "social and responsible investing".


"Role of International Networks and Cooperation within the Cleantech Sector", 22. march 2011, Vaduz

Tuesday, 22. march 2011 LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein and swisscleantech organized the event “The Role of international Networks and Cooperation within the Cleantech sector" at the University of Liechtenstein.
Liechtenstein’s Prime Minister Dr. Klaus Tschütscher, André Schneider (former COO World Economic Forum Davos), Roger Buemann (Senior Project Manager, Hilti Foundation) and Christian Köberl (CEO, Eco World Styria) will discussed the importance of an international linkage within the emerging cleantech sector and how companies will benefit from this “megatrend”.

Moon Palace, Cacun 2010
Moon Palace, Cacun 2010
Simon Tribelhorn, Director and Sven Braden, responsible for Environmental Markets at LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtensteindiscuss the consequences of the Cancunoutcome with respect to financial markets. The interview was published in swisscleantech’s magazine spring 2011 edition.

The Results of Cancun
The most positive aspect of the results that have been achieved at COP 16 in Cancun, Mexico is probably the reenforcement of trust with respect to the capability of multinational decision making processes, especially after the experiences of Copenhagen in 2009. Patrica Espinosa, Mexican Minister of Foreign Affairs and COP President, managed to lead the the climate negotiations in a balanced and transparent way and therefore achieved an outcome that went further than most participants in Cancun would have expected.

Swisscleantech Magazine published - Focus on Liechtenstein
The new magazine of Zurich-based Swisscleantech Association has recently been published. The current issue also puts a focus on Liechtenstein. Covered are the new strategy of Liechtenstein's Financial centre as well as the countries growing engagement within the field of responsible investing. The magazine will be distributed through several Swiss Business habs and the Swiss chamber of foreign trades all over the world. The next edition of Swisscleantech Magazine will be released in January 2011.   


Joint Event: LIFE and The Club of Rome – Preparing for the Future - The Role of Finance

Joint Event: LIFE  and The Club of Rome – Preparing for the Future - The Role of Finance
During the Seminar “Preparing for the Future – the Role of Finance” on October 27th at the University of Liechtenstein members of the Club of Rome as well as numerous representatives from Liechtenstein’s financial centre discussed potential scenarios for a sustainable development of future global financial markets. From the left: Patrick Liedke (The Risk Institute, Geneva), Franz Josef Rademacher (Initiator Global Marshall Plan), Andreas Fischlin (Co-Author of IPCC’s 4th Assessment Report) and Ian Johnson (Secretary General of The Club of Rome).

CSSP: New Book published “Microfinance - a new type of investment for socially oriented clients
Approaches and investment strategies that are committed to sustainability have been steadily growing in importance. They are finding increasing interest with institutional investors as well as with private investors. The topic of microfinance as a financial investment in particular has experienced a real boom in recent years. The origins of microfinance lie amongst other things in a philanthropic movement whose aim was to provide credit aid to economically active people in poverty. Over the years, the start volume grew very rapidly and produced a new market segment which allowed micro-enterprises official access to financial services.

Liechtenstein puts its focus on values
Klaus Tschütscher seeks to place Liechtenstein’s financial market into a new context. In the future Liechtenstein’s financial market should be associated with responsible investing and sustainable development. “Ecological values and economic gains are not contradictory, the opposite is true” said Liechtenstein’s prime minister within his opening speech mid September at the Liechtenstein Congress on Sustainable Development and Responsible Investing” at the University of Liechtenstein.

Hot Energy from 4000m Depht
Thanks to the use of geothermal energy Liechtenstein might soon lower its dependance from fossil fuel delivered from abroad. The results of a first exploration in January 2010 are promising.

Liechtenstein and Switzerland abolish VAT on Carbon Credits
Liechtenstein and Switzerland have abolished Value Added Tax (VAT) on carbon credits. The abolition became effective on July 1st 2010. The competent tax authorities have changed a previous practice which qualified the sales of carbon credits as a taxable issue. “This change of practice ensures that carbon trading is no longer vulnerable to so called VAT carrousel fraud”, explained Prime Minister Klaus Tschütscher.

LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein: Successful first year
 The Foundation Board of the charitable LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtensteinhas approved the Annual Report 2009. The Foundation was able to take significant initiatives in the first year of its existence. "The Climate Foundation's activities clear the path today for the business fields of tomorrow. The Climate Foundation thereby makes a valuable contribution to the development of the Liechtenstein financial and business location," said Simon Tribelhorn, Executive Director of the Climate Foundation, at the presentation of the Annual Report.


Successful LIFE Event – Copenhagen, what’s next – Visions for our Future

Successful LIFE Event – Copenhagen, what’s next – Visions for our Future
The third LIFE event took place on May 10th and was dedicated to the consequences and lessons learned from the Copenhagen Summit last December. The notable guests discussed various approaches on how to get back on the green track after the failed Copenhagen Summit: Steffen Klatt ( Peter Cavada (Hilti AG), Daniel Kerbach (LGT), Felix Näscher (Head of Liechtenstein UN Delegation), Klaus Tschütscher (Prime Minister), Renat Heuberger, Partner South Pole Carbon), Nick Beglinger (President swisscleantech) and Adolf E. Real (Liechtenstein Bankers Association).

Microloans for Clean Energy
Achieving social and ecological sustainability through a climate friendly promotion of economic development: synergies of microfinance and carbon markets may provide an important contribution to this goal.
Sven Braden(LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein) und Alain Schilli (myclimate), December 2009

LIFE at the African Progress Panel, APP in Geneva
On 17th November 2009 LIFE Climate Foundation Liechtenstein was represented at the one day workshop “Kick Starting Africa’s Carbon Markets” organized by the Geneva-based Secretariat of the “Africa Progress Panel”.


LIFE Workshop on Alternative Investments

LIFE Workshop on Alternative Investments
In October 2009 LIFE organised a workshop on alternative investments at the Institute for Financial Services at the University of Liechtenstein. Jost Rodewald, Kai Ristau and Jens Leiding from Hamburg based investment house Aquila Capital discussed the challenges and opportunities of alternative investments with around 20 representatives from Liechtenstein´s financial industry.

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